Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 25, 2011: Building Bridges of Peace

This day’s mission was in Pananag, Maasim, Sarangani Province, about 1 hour drive westward from General Santos City.  The plan was to go farther up west along the shores of Mindanao sea in the next days. The team was composed of the 73rd IB Philippine Army, the US Civil Affairs Team 734 and from the US Army Joint Special Operations Task Force Mindanao and Philippines, the Provincial Health Office of Maasim and ACIM Asia.

This day, Dr. Romeo Teves, the hospital administrator of Socsargen hospital, also a member of ACIM-Asia, replaced Dr. Emely Lagare at the consultation table. With him at the consultation area were Dr. Loot and the medics of the US Army Civil Affairs Team. Dr. Nelda Nisperos served in the dental services department, and was assisted by Thomas du Chalard.  Nurse Marie du Chalard manned the assessment area, while nurse Sheryl Ocampo, RN, Thierry Bianco and Elaine Salazar took charge of the pharmacy section.
SSG Micha Van Wagner examines a baby
during the medical c

Some 360 patients were served in medical consultation area, 102 patients were attended at the dental extraction department,43 patients served at the circumcision table and 2 were catered at the cyst removal area.

We hope that our simple health services will have built bridges with the community and planted some encouraging thoughts in the minds of local warriors to lay down their arms, live and labor with order, peace and moderation, and engage in rational and peaceful resolutions in case of conflicts.

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