Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 17-21, 2011: Grand Homecoming of the Noble Hearts

Per request of the Provincial Vice Governor of Sarangani, ACIM-Asia assisted in the organization and the conduct of the grand medical-surgical mission of the Philippine Medical Society of Northern California (PMSCN).

We helped find sponsors for the food of the volunteers and fortunately found a firm support from the Director of the Student Affairs of the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, who agreed to sponsor a snack for 200 volunteers.

The medical – surgical mission was held in Sarangani Province Capitol last January 17-21, 2011, serving almost 3,000 patients who availed free surgery and medical treatment. Major surgeries were done at Socsargen County Hospital, while minor surgeries and medical consultation were conducted in the Capitol Grounds of Sarangani.
Majority of the medical volunteers came from northern California.  Most of them were Filipinos who came especially to serve their fellow Filipinos for free.

Two members from ACIM-Asia came to lend a hand in the minor surgery and the dental extractions.

A grand dinner waited for us at the last night of the mission.  The Swiss volunteer Thiery Bianco was so excited to have the autograph of the great Manny Pacquiao, who hosted the thanksgiving dinner.  It was a grand night, capping a grand mission.  Next year, the PMSCN will be in Mindoro, in central Philippines.

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