Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear little Jane was brought again to the hospital last Friday, October 16. She had some convulsion again and had to undergo laboratory tests and xray. She was given antibiotics again for her urinary tract infection. She wasn't confined to the hospital, but she had to go back on Saturday for the stool exam, but no stool would come out, so the doctor advised some measures to stimulate bowel movement. On Saturday she was given laxatives, and still no stool came out. Yesterday, at Holy Mass, she caused her mother embarrassment and joy when she moved her bowel. Today, finally, her stool sample was brought to the lab, and it was good to find no problem in the fecalysis.

Ian and his mother happily prepared to meet with the surgeon today to determine if he can be admitted for surgery already.

Rico has not gained weight yet, because he despised the taste of the high-nutrition formula given for his rehabilitation. The challenge is how to make the formula more palatable for one whose palate is defective. We will have to schedule special visits to improve the feeding program and to give it a close watch. Two surgeons are impatiently awaiting his weight gain in order to operate.


The typhoons, floods and landslides in Luzon have caused billions of dollars in damage. Business people and farmers lost their livelihood. Hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and vital infrastructures were damaged across Luzon. Conservative assessment placed the damage at some 22.83 billion pesos. Some 50 billion pesos will be needed to pay the damage bill, in the cleanup of debris, and in repairing or rebuilding the structures. And yet another major typhoon is poised to strike the country by Wednesday.

The President has called on the people to unite in prayers to God to spare the country from another disaster, while thousands are still trying to rise from the mud and tons of debris.

ACIM-Asia, through the Rosa Mystica Health Mission, is now on its 11th day of medical missions. The team is now in Tanay, Rizal. The people there are happy to be visited again and a number of the patients from July's mission again lined up for treatment. What joy to see them alive and thanking God again for the medical relief.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

FLOOD and water-borne diseases

As of today, ABS-CBN has reported 96 deaths from leptospirosis, out of the 1,336 cases reported. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection, easily acquired by wading through floodwater contaminated by rat urine which carries the bacteria.

The Rosa Mystica Typhoon Relief Medical Missions in the flooded areas is still going on. Since October 3, eight barangays had already been served in Quezon City, Marikina, and Rizal Province.

Total Cost of Mission (as of Oct. 15, 2009): 167, 586.16

Oct. 3 Tanyong, Marikina. 280 patients
Oct. 5 Tagupo, Tatalon. 346 patients
Oct. 6 Malanday National High School, Marikina. 92 patients
Oct. 7 Malanday, Marikina. 288 patients
Oct. 8 Tumana, Marikina. 358 patients
Oct. 9 Tumana, Marikina, 392 patients
Oct. 11 Nangka, Marikina. 142 patients
Oct. 12 Silangan, Novaliches, Quezon City. 262 patients
Oct. 13 Holy Family Parish, Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City. 679 patients
Oct. 15 Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal Province. 565 patients

Relief Goods Distribution:
October 3 : 400 families served.
October 15: 116 families served.

Distribution of Rosaries:
Oct. 3: 500 rosaries
Oct. 6: 250 rosaries

Baptism: No. of children baptized: 22
The team is moving to Tanay, Rizal Province next week. God-willing, maybe they will proceed to Benguet the following weeks, to try to relieve the suffering of the victims of the landslides there.

The country is bracing for another typhoon, which is predicted to be a supertyphoon. God have mercy on us all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TYPHOON RELIEF OPERATIONS in Marikina and Quezon City

As typhoon Ketsana ("Ondoy") brought disastrous floods to the nation's capital, ACIM-ASIA was called to conduct relief operations for the victims of the disaster.

A medical team from Gensan was hurriedly prepared and 62 boxes of medicines and medical supplies flown from Gensan to Manila free of charge by the PAL Foundation on October 2. The series of medical missions started on October 3, and is still going on. Additional medicines were purchased by the Society of Saint Pius X in support of the mission.

A charity drive continues to collect relief goods for distribution during the medical mission. On Monday, hopefully, another batch of goods which includes sleeping mats, dinnerwares, clothings and food items will be shipped to the mission area.

The charity of God presses us on.


Thanks be to God for generous agencies, our patients needing surgery are given hope.

Michelle, the 1 year old girl from Tanay with fronto-ethmoidal encephalocele is now having her evaluation at the Philippine General Hospital in preparation for her surgery, with the help of the Noordhoff Foundation.

John, the 1 year and 8 months old boy from Alabel, Sarangani Province with an enormous meningoencephaloecele is now at the PCSO Child Home in Quezon City, waiting to be admitted to the Philippine General Hospital tomorrow, for his first surgery: ventriculoperitoneal shunting. He is being assisted by Help-wirhelfen Foundation and the Noordhoff Foundation.

Caroline, the 1 year old and 4 months old girl from Barangay Fatima, General Santos City, with a ruptured meningocele has been accepted by the Noordhoff Foundation for surgical assistance and is now waiting for her time to fly to Manila.

Jane, the 1 year and 2 months old girl with meningoencephalocele from Ladol, Sarangani Province, had miraculously survived a critical period of severe seizures and coma after contracting pneumonia and enduring a dislodged VP Shunt. She was rushed to Davao Medical School Foundation Hospital on an ambulance on September 20, 2009. Her VP Shunt was repositioned on October 28. And was discharged on October 5, 2009. Thanks be to God and to Dr. Eun Mi Kim who sponsored her surgical bills.

Ian , the boy from Alonan, General Santos City, with Hirschsprung's Disease, has been chosen for assistance by a merciful US Army Sgt. Aaron Walla. He is being managed by Dr. Jerry Rafael. He will have his surgery after he is treated for pneumonia.

Rico, the boy from Maribulan, Alabel, Sarangani Province, who has a cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate, bilateral scrotal hernia, otitis media and pneumonia, and malnutrition, has found kind sponsors who would help him get over his many problems. When his malnutrition is corrected and he gains 1.5 kilograms and he overcomes his upper respiratory tract infections, his surgeries will follow. The US Army and Dr. Rafael will work on his hernia repair. Dr. Gonzales and the Craniofacial Center Foundation of St. Elizabeth Hospital will work on his cleft lip and palate. Please God, may he respond to the nutrition rehabilitation effort.

Aldy has been going back and forth from Gensan to Davao for his diagnostic tests and treaments. Doctors had been baffled over his case and for 2 years his biopsies and xrays had confused them. Osteomyelitis? Adenoma? Fibroma? TB adenitis?

Joshua had his first surgery for cleft lip by Dr. Gonzales. He has a whole face now, and is looking happily forward to his next surgery.

Ms. Nelda had her total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingooophorectomy, after the discovery of a uterine cancer. She is still recuperating.

July 26-31: Rosa Mystica Health Mission 2009 in Tanay, Rizal

Swine flu control measures, kidnapping of Italian Red Cross volunteer Eugenio Vagni, and the bombings in Southern Philippines filled the preparations for the 2009 Rosa Mystica Health Mission with suspense, with foreign volunteers kept guessing where they would be landing to do the mission.

Alternative venues were considered including Butuan, Leyte, Bohol, and Benguet, until finally the decision was made to conduct the mission in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal.

It was a fortunate choice. As the mission progressed the difficulties of availing medical services in the locality were felt by the volunteers who were faced with the reality that in Barangay Sampaloc, one had to drive one hour to buy ventolin anti-asthma spray or to have one's x-ray or ultrasound taken, and had to wait for 2-3 days to get the result! A boy who had a bad fall from a tree who was rushed to the mission had to be driven some 4 hours to the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital in order to be properly assessed and treated. The inaccessibility of basic health services was keenly felt. Emergency purchases of medicines took between 5 to 24 hours to be delivered.

Rain was continually pouring heavily over the mission area, but the line of patients asking to be served never let up, even to the last day of the mission. The mission had to be extended another day, though a number of volunteers had already gone home. It was sad to leave still many sick poor who were not served, but we had to go because our resources (time, medicines, food, energy) were not infinite.

During the 6 days, the patients served at the different departments of the mission totaled 3,130. A week after the mission some 30 more patients were served at the mission headquarters, and another 60 served by a partner doctor in the locality. Follow up care was done, sutures removed, referrals facilitated. At the moment there are still patients on medication for asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, and myopathy. A girl with fronto-ethmoidal meningocele has been enrolled in the free surgery program offered by Noordhoff Foundation. Thirty persons with goiter are still waiting for their relief. Follow up visit will be conducted within this month to check on the status of the patients.

Volunteers of the mission came from 7 different countries: Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Ireland, USA, France, Japan). A volunteer came from Switzerland to help prepare for the mission but he had to go home two weeks before the actual mission.

THE SPONSORS OF THE MISSION who made the mission possible were:
PAL Foundation
Roche Pharma
3M Rodge Pharmamed Sales
Tanay Commnunity Clinic (discounted price for xrays)
Society of Saint Pius X District of Asia
James Negroso (transportation of medicines, volunteers, patients)
Col. Honorato Etis and Madam Virgie (overall assistance: lodging, coordination of mission activities, tour of foreign volunteers, transportation of patients)
Armed Forces of the Philippines, Camp Capinpin (security, tents, dentists and dental assistants)
Ma. Isabel Ponayo and Sierra Madre Hotel (lodging, medicine procurement, follow up care of patients)
Villa Pilar (free lodging)
Cathy Kowzun and Barandilla Restaurant (discounted price for food catering)
Legion of Mary (community relations and catechism)
Bagwis Guardians (security)
Major Alfonso Besario (President of Townsite Home and Lot Occupants Association, Inc.)
Nery Ripalda and Department of Agriculture employees cooperative (tables and chairs)

Photos of the mission are available at:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


O My God, teach me to receive the sick in Thy Name.
Give to my efforts success for the glory of Thy holy Name. It is Thy work, without Thee I cannot succeed.
Grant that the sick Thou hast placed in my care may be abundantly blessed, and not one of them be lost because of any neglect on my part. Help me to overcome every temporal weakness, and strengthen in me whatever may enable me to bring joy to the lives of those I serve.
Give me grace for the sake of Thy sick ones and of those lives that will be influenced by them. Amen.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Straight from the hearts

I am so thankful to the mission for helping me. Here is P50.00, sorry it is a little amount, but I would like to be of help to others too. (This surprise donation will be used to buy 3 tablets of Thorazine for wait-listed patient). May I have your number, Mam?
- Josephine, May 11, 2009 (2007 mission patient)

I just drop by to say hello and thank you for your kindness to us. I am on the way to a picnic. I and my son are all right... I offer 1 Rosary for the benefactors of the mission.
- Jerome, 23 yrs old, May 10, 2009
husband of mission patient (died November 2008 after
Extreme Unction administered by Rev. Fr. Dolotina)
/ learned basic prayers at the mission

Good morning mam, I'm here again to thank you and to ask if you can help us again? My daughter already improved since my last visit here (a year ago) and I asked my friend to visit you here to relay my sincere thanks. Unfortunately, my daughter has been acting up again and I don't know where else to turn for help...... it is okay if you cannot help us now, may we just wait for the time when help is available? Meantime, I will pray hard for all the donors and benefactors, and will bear all that God sends us. My husband died already last December, Mam, but he died in peace, thanking God for letting him suffer lung cancer.... Mam, thank you so much for this pineapple (picked from the office garden).
- Fanny, mother of schizophrenic patient
May 9, 2009

Good day! I am heartily thankful to all the sponsors and benefactors, especially ACIM-ASIA, who helped my son (boy with imperforate anus and Hirchsprung's disease). I hope you would not change especially in your concern towards the sick people who can't afford their medication. I pray that ACIM-Asia will be able to help more sick and needy people. I thank God for touching your hearts and I pray that God will supply all your needs. I pray that God will bless all the benefactors spiritually, physically and financially.
- Ginalyn, April 29, 2009.
Spiritual bouquet offered for mission benefactors
after the funeral of her husband, praying that the mission will
not forget her son who still needs two more surgeries (at death of husband, sent a message saying, "Mam, my husband died yesterday, I am in my mother's house if you can visit us. He is dead before Ian can complete his surgeries. I hope you will not forget us Mam." She and her husband spent about P70,000.00 for the 2nd surgery of Ian, the mission augmented only P7,000.00. Ian still needs 2 surgeries to resect the bowels and, when successful, to close the colostomy.)

Mam, I'm here again to beg for help. My husband already died last Friday, I called for a priest as you instructed me, but there was no priest available, mam. My son prayed the rosary at my husband's deathbed. He was sorry for his sins. He will be buried tomorrow, because we cannot afford to have a long wake. Mam, can you help me buy a marker for his grave? If there is no marker, others will steal the grave to bury their own dead there.... And Mam, if you can also please help me buy this medicine for my other son? Maybe he is affected by his father's death, he is violent again, and we are finding it hard to control him (case: schizophrenia).... I understand that you cannot help us mam, thank you for being kind, I will just keep praying. Please visit us when you can.
- Flora, mission patient (wife and mother of mission patients)
May 5, 2009

Hello, thank you for your help! My father is now out of the hospital, and is recuperating at home. I am here to return the 2 excess injectable medicines you gave for his illness so that other patients can use them. May the donors be blessed. I pray 1 Hail Mary for them.
- Jorrelyn, daughter of mission patient , May 6, 2009
(still learning the basic prayers)

G'pm... a patient is in the hospital and needs help to pay the bills so that they can go home soon and avoid piling up more bills everyday that they are in the hospital. Do you know someone who is willing to buy Augmentin 1.2 gm vial and Rocephin 1 g vial? I have some stocks here that I can sell so that the patient can pay the bill... Thank you and God bless the mission.
- Dr. RC, mission partner, May 7, 2009

May the kind benefactors never tire of giving help to the poor and sick like me and others who are in worse conditions than mine. And may they be given strength, good health, and graces because without them, who would help us who are suffering in illness? May they never stop caring. I offer 3 Rosaries for them.
- Aldy, 19 yrs old, osteomyelitis patient
(learned to pray the Rosary at the mission,
now teaches his younger brothers and their little friends the
Ten Commandments and the 7 Sacraments)

I am thankful to the ones who are giving these medicines for my father. I pray 3 Hail Mary's for them. - Florita, daughter of patient with heart and kidney ailments
(learned the basic prayers at the mission).

Our family wishes to thank the good sponsors whose generous support has helped us in our needs. We offer the following spiritual bouquet: Daily morning and evening prayers of the whole family, plus:
50 Rosaries, 30 ejaculatory prayers, 2 Confessions, 5 Holy Masses
- Fe (mother)
70 Our Father's, 70 Hail Mary's, 70 Glory Be's, 80 ejaculatory prayers,
8 Holy Masses - Gabriel (father)
50 Rosaries, 5 Confessions, Daily study of catechism, 5 Holy Masses
- Liziel, 14 yrs old, surgical patient
(family learned the basic prayers at the mission, now they are the organizers of catechism classes in their neighborhood, handled by mission volunteers - Apostles of Mary)

I offer 50 Rosaries, daily morning and evening prayers for the benefactors of the mission. Thank you very much for your support to the mission. May God always protect you.
- Alex, 19 yrs old, son and grandson of mission patients
(learned basic prayers at the Apostles of Mary trainings)

I offer 10 Rosaries, 10 Holy Hour vigils before the Blessed Sacrament, 50 Hail Mary's and 50 Our Fathers for the benefactors of the mission.
- Gabriel, 10 yrs old, grand nephew of mission patient
(learned basic prayers at the Apostles of Mary trainings)

I pray for the intentions of the benefactors of the mission: 10 Holy Hour vigils before the Blessed Sacrament, 10 Stations of the Cross, 50 Holy Rosaries... Bonjour dear benefactors! Thank you for supporting the mission. I hope you will have more blessings to come. God bless you!
- Patrick, 20 yrs old, mission volunteer (driver)
(learned basic catechism / prayers at Apostles of Mary trainings,
baptized Easter Eve 2007 at SSPX Mission chapel)

I thank the benefactors for the mission. I will pray daily for them for 1 month: 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Mary's and 1 Glory Be.
- Wilmar, 26 yrs old, mission volunteer (night guard)
(learned basic catechism/ prayers at Apostles of Mary trainings)

For the generous people who give rosaries and medicines for the mission, I offer 10 spiritual communions , 5 sacramental communions, 10 Holy Rosaries, 5 Stations of the Cross, 10 visits to the Blessed Sacrament, 5 Holy Hour vigils. May God bless them. - Ma. Caridad, 24 yrs old, mission volunteer (driver - messenger)

We thank God for people who care. I offer 50 Holy Rosaries, 5 Holy hour vigils, 20 visits to the Blessed Sacrament, 20 ejaculatory prayers, 5 Holy Communions for them.
- Judith, 25 years old, mission volunteer (assistant secretary)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Letters for Lenten Reflections


"Thank you for giving us hope [and] I'm praying that when there's a good samaritan knock[ing] at your door, [may you] please remember my husband. Thank you so much. Good night...
(from the wife of a patient with renal failure, March 24, 2009, General Santos City).


PLEA from an anxious grandmother:

.... I am a grandmother of these following children: JGS, 9 y.o. [... with] acute glomerulo nephritis. I am worried because the parents and we, grandparents, do not have enough income [for] her many medicines. I hope you can help her in one way or another. She is in [Benguet]. My other grandchild is JMG, 4 y.o. She has weak lungs [read as: pulmonary tuberculosis]. This child is in [...] La Union. I hope and pray that you can help these children. I am very much in anxieties. Thank you for your concern. Pray much for us. [...] I am 63 y.o. and I have [difficulties with my bowel movement]... Could you help me too? Thank you.

(Letter from Luzon, received March 2009)

May our Lenten fasts bring joy to the sick poor.


April 29 - May 1: Sogod, Leyte
July 26 - 31: Alabel, Sarangani Province



Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

As news of our existence as a mission group spread, pleas come in from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, from people begging for assistance for various illnesses ranging from pulmonary tuberculosis, tumor, cancer, renal failure, pneumonia, and so many others. We also receive requests for medical missions. In the name of mercy, we try to serve as best as we can.

This year we are granting the medical-dental mission request from Sogod - a fourth class municipality in Leyte, where 37.7% live below the poverty line - and; for the second time, from Alabel - the capital town of Sarangani, which has no hospital and has only one public health physician to care for its 76,000 residents, where poverty cannot sustain a private clinic. The medical-dental missions will be on April 29-May 1 in Sogod, Leyte (2,000 patients) and on July 26-31 in Alabel, Sarangani Province (2,000 patients).

Our Association is legally under the Society of Saint Pius X, a religious, non-profit organization. We conduct medical missions in cooperation with the provincial and municipal governments: they provide the venue and transport needy patients from the most inaccessible barangays, while we provide the medical-dental-nursing manpower and find resources for mediciens, diagnostic work-ups and hospitalization of patients, as needed.

Some patients are expected to come to the mission with prescriptions from medical specialists but having used up all their funds in the diagnostics, cannot buy medicines. In such cases, we will fill out the prescriptions for free and refer back the patient to the prescribing physician for follow up. We are committed to provide complete dose of antibiotics to ensure the safety of the patients and to make full use of the referral system so that the patients will have proper care. We collaborate with existing agencies for patients needing surgery.

Based on the needs of the patients, we are looking for supplies of antibiotics, antituberculosis, anti-asthma, antihistamines, mucolytics, decongestants, antidiabetics, anti-gout, antihypertensives, analgesics, antipyretics, anti-inflammatories, anti-ulcer, antifibrinolytics, anti-convulsants, anti-psychotics, and mineral and vitamin supplements. Oral, 0pthalmic, otic, and topical preparations are needed for infants, children and adults. Parenteral preparations will be needed for mission patients who will be confined in the hospitals, or for indigent patients in the hospitals referred to us by social health workers. Wound dressing and dental supplies are also needed: syringes, dental needles, masks, cotton, and anesthesia.

Goodness begets goodness. We believe that when we touch the lives of those suffering, we raise up their spirits to higher aspirations. Whatever support you can give can bring hope and vigor to the underprivileged as they struggle to reach for more meaningful and more productive lives.

Thank you so much for visiting our blog. Hoping fervently for continued support.

Yours truly in Mary Immaculate,

Rosa Mystica Health Mission Facilitators

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I was sick and you visited me...

Rico, 5 years old, from Alabel, Sarangani Province, waiting for his surgery. First seen on August 15, 2008 by Dr. Elzbieta Kowalska. Diagnosis: Bronchitis, bilateral otitis media, cleft lip and palate, hernia scrotalis bilateral, malnutrition. The surgeon is simply waiting for Rico to be clear of any upper respiratory tract infection for a whole month and to gain more weight so that his surgery can be scheduled.

Jane, 7 months old, from Alabel, Sarangani Province, doing well after VP Shunting, waiting for her next corrective surgery.

She was born with bulging mass at upper bridge of nose, bulging periorbital area at the left temporal area. Her parents were told that if she would not be operated, at 4 months old her brain would already be so compressed that she would die.

First seen by the mission on August 14, 2008 by Dr. Ma. June Viray, referred to Dr. Narciso Mirabueno, referred to Davao, seen by Dr. Alfredo Abundo. Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus ex vacuo, porencephalic cyst left tempo-parietal. Surgery done: Tempo-parietal craniectomy, marsupialization of cyst, placement of ventricular peritoneal shunt, peritoneal opening and repair. Thanks be to God and to the concerted effort of concerned doctors and generous individuals from South Korea and France, she was assisted in time before neurological deficits could occur.

A happy smile from Jane. Thanks to her sponsors. Looking up with hope. Thanks to generous people, she can now lift her head and crawl about. The cysts will be removed when the bones in her head close (at age 2) and the maxillo-facial defects will be repaired at age 12.

Ian, from General Santos City, with imperforate anus / Hirchsprung's Disease. Waiting for his 3rd surgery (resection of bowels).

Romulo, 47 years old, from Palembang, Sultan Kudarat. When referred to the mission, he was bleeding internally and his hemoglobin count was only 3 g/dl (normal count: 14-17 for males).

Severo, 73 yrs old, from Zamboanga.

He came knocking at the office gates begging for food, saying he was just waiting for his death to come, that he just forced himself to get up and beg for food while he was still breathing, that he was living alone after his wife died while they were visiting Gensan. He was breathing with difficulty, was pale, weak, coughing out bloody sputum.
We brought him to the doctor who examined him, had his xrays and sputum tests taken and gave him prescriptions.
Volunteer nursing students took turns assisting his home care, ensuring that he could take his medicines regularly, bringing him food to help him recover, cleaning up his home and helping him with his hygiene.
Volunteer catechists assisted him in his catechism, encouraged him to make his First Communion, taught him the basic prayers and the Ten Commandments. When he got well, he would regularly visit the office to just say "Thank You" to the people who cared for him. He is now back in Zamboanga with his relatives.

J.R. was weak and pale when he was brought by his mother to the office. He was coughing out blood. He was brought to the doctor who took his xrays and sputum, and referred him to another doctor who had him undergo skin tests... He was given medicines and given adequate nutrition (food supply and vitamin-mineral supplements). This photo was taken when he returned to the office to say thank you. It was good to see him smiling, strong, and no longer coughing... and thanks be to God, was having a healthier color (no more bleeding).

I was hungry and you gave me to eat...

Thankful for the little bag of food, she promised to pray for the generous people who make the mission possible.

Enthusiastically, this barefoot boy hitched on a jeepney from Malapatan to Gensan where he decided to earn money as a car-wash boy to buy food. He was thankful for the food that were shared with him by people he met. He was happy to hear of the Heavenly Father to Whom he could pray for daily bread.



May our Lenten fasts and abstinence enable us to give joy to those in need.


Venue: Capitol Gym, Alabel, Sarangani Province
No. of days of service: 6 days including 1 day extension clinic
Dates of mission: August 11-15, 2008 and August 15, 2008
No. of patients served: 3,000
No. of patients taken to the hospitals / clinics for diagnostic work-ups: 182
No. of patients confined to hospitals for treatment: 6
No. of physicians who volunteered: 13
No. of physicians who received referrals for free in their clinics: 8
No. of dentists who served: 16
No. of nurse volunteers: 60 (+)
No. of dental aides / medics: 4
Total cost (payments made): P1,068,143.80


Society of Saint Pius X, ACIMPS-France, Lamoiyan Corporation (Hapee Toothpaste), General Tuna Corporation, Philippine Spring Water Resources Inc., Chill 'n Cool, Fresco Water Station, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Junior Chamber International (Davao and GSC Chapters), Philippine Dental Association, Philippine Nursing Students Association, Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society, Penamante Clinic, Socsargen County Hospital, 3M Rodge Pharmamed Sales, D'Farm Venue Rentals, Imi Rachel Martin, Legion of Mary, Apostles of Mary Catholic Youth League of the Philippines, and many more, whose names are boldly written in God's heart.




Dec. 2, 2007 200 Upper Labay, GSC Notre Dame of Dad. University Nursing Students
Dec. 9, 2007 200 Upper Labay, GSC Notre Dame of Dad. University Nursing Students
Dec. 2007 200 Libi, Molo, Malapatan, Sarangani Notre Dame of Dad. University Nursing Students
Feb. 23, 2008 196 Baluan, GSC Mindanao Polytechnic College HRM Students
Feb. 26, 2008 150 Glamang, GSC Phil. Institute of Technology, Nurse-Aide Students
March 23, 2008 495 San Jose, GSC Holy Cross Parish / Hearts and Brains, Inc.
April 1, 2008 321 Alegria, Alabel, Sarangani Prov. Vice Gov. Office / Jun. Chamber Int'l GSC
Aug 30, 2008 150 Bula, GSC Sta. Maria College, Nurse-Aide Students
Oct. 18, 2008 110 RD Plaza, GSC Dr. Bernardita Hofer
Oct. 28, 2008 80 Nomo, Maasim, Sarangani Divine Mercy Foundation / DXCP
Nov. 11, 2008 416 Datu Dani, Kiamba, Sarangani Provincial Vice Governor's Office
Dec. 1, 2008 40 Olimpog, GSC Notre Dame of Dad. University Nursing Students
Dec. 9, 2008 47 Banahaw, Malungon, Sarangani Notre Dame of Dad. University Nursing Students
Dec. 10, 2008 350 Upper Labay, GSC Notre Dame of Dad. University Nursing Students