Monday, October 19, 2009


The typhoons, floods and landslides in Luzon have caused billions of dollars in damage. Business people and farmers lost their livelihood. Hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and vital infrastructures were damaged across Luzon. Conservative assessment placed the damage at some 22.83 billion pesos. Some 50 billion pesos will be needed to pay the damage bill, in the cleanup of debris, and in repairing or rebuilding the structures. And yet another major typhoon is poised to strike the country by Wednesday.

The President has called on the people to unite in prayers to God to spare the country from another disaster, while thousands are still trying to rise from the mud and tons of debris.

ACIM-Asia, through the Rosa Mystica Health Mission, is now on its 11th day of medical missions. The team is now in Tanay, Rizal. The people there are happy to be visited again and a number of the patients from July's mission again lined up for treatment. What joy to see them alive and thanking God again for the medical relief.

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