Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear little Jane was brought again to the hospital last Friday, October 16. She had some convulsion again and had to undergo laboratory tests and xray. She was given antibiotics again for her urinary tract infection. She wasn't confined to the hospital, but she had to go back on Saturday for the stool exam, but no stool would come out, so the doctor advised some measures to stimulate bowel movement. On Saturday she was given laxatives, and still no stool came out. Yesterday, at Holy Mass, she caused her mother embarrassment and joy when she moved her bowel. Today, finally, her stool sample was brought to the lab, and it was good to find no problem in the fecalysis.

Ian and his mother happily prepared to meet with the surgeon today to determine if he can be admitted for surgery already.

Rico has not gained weight yet, because he despised the taste of the high-nutrition formula given for his rehabilitation. The challenge is how to make the formula more palatable for one whose palate is defective. We will have to schedule special visits to improve the feeding program and to give it a close watch. Two surgeons are impatiently awaiting his weight gain in order to operate.

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