Sunday, May 25, 2014

Turn to Rosa Mystica for Help!

"I came because somebody told me to turn to Rosa Mystica for help", said a patient from San Jose.  

"My surgeon said Rosa Mystica is well known because it is helping many patients." - ENT patient from Sagkahan.  

"My doctor said that I will not have to pay anything at all because he will not charge me for his professional services.  He assured me that Rosa Mystica can provide my surgical supplies and medicines.  He scheduled me for surgery on June 2."  - Patient with cyst from Hindang, Southern Leyte.

"May I know of I can still avail of your surgical assistance?  I have tried asking help from most missions that came to Tacloban but I did not succeed.  Do you still accept patients?  I had a busy store before and it provided for my family's needs.  Now I have to start again, but I have to start from scratch.  I cannot afford my surgery." - Patient with goiter, from San Jose.

"I have four pages of prescription for my illness but I cannot buy any of my medicines.  Can I bring my prescriptions here please?" - Insomniac patient from Sagkahan.

The mission continues...
Lovely Lady dressed in blue, teach me how to pray... God became your little Boy, tell me what to say...
Did you lift Him up sometimes, gently on your knees?  Did you sing to Him the way mother does to me?
Baby has pneumonia.  She was sent to the hospital last week, she is still there now.  She might be discharged this week.  She lives in a small, one-room cabin that is almost as hot as an oven at noontime.  She sleeps better in the chapel... but she stays in the chapel only when her mama has to go to the hospital for her own treatment.
Dearest little girl has Tetralogy of Fallot.  She lost her home to the typhoon.  Her daddy lost his job at the coconut plantation because the typhoon took down the coconuts. Her daddy has rebuilt their house but he has not regained his job.  Her mama is praying for some capital to start a little store so they can earn some income.  She is asking help from the mission.
Cough and colds brought this little lady to the mission.  Tests showed she has pneumonia and a large patent ductus arteriosus.  She lives 3 hours away from Tacloban, in a little bamboo hut beside the sea.  The typhoon destroyed their house so they had to build a new one.  It is almost finished... except that they ran out of money to buy roofing materials.  Mama is a domestic helper in Luzon.  Papa is gone without communication. Grandpa is under treatment for a chronic pulmonary infection and cannot yet resume fishing.  Uncle found work yesterday through the help of Paulo, the mission nurse. Hopefully Uncle can buy the roof.

Thank you so much for the help and the offer to pay for my dialysis.  Please ask Father to give me the Extreme Unction.
The edema and the rashes are gone.  Thanks for the hospitalization, food and fares.  God bless all the donors!
I feel so light and fine now that the weight has been removed.  Today I will visit my doctor for the removal of the stitches.    

Please, if it is not too much, my leaking roof needs fixing too... Can I turn to you again for help?  My husband got back to work only recently but his pay is just enough for our food and for the school fees of our children.  I am a laundrywoman but at the moment I cannot accept laundry work because my neck wounds have not yet healed.  I have applied for work as storekeeper and I have already been accepted but my employer needs time to complete the store facilities before I can start.  Meanwhile, it is difficult to sleep when the rain goes through our roof.

Mother of the poor, we turn to Thee.... despise not our petitions in our necessities
but in thy mercy hear and answer us. Amen.

Flores de Mayo in Tacloban

O come to the Throne of Grace... O come to the Heart most pure!
O pray for us, help us today... Thou hope of the human race...
Es bluht der Blumen eine auf ewig gruner Au...
What is an actual sin?  When is an offense a mortal sin?
Now I know that there are nine ways of being accessory to others' sins...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Swiss volunteers help out

With the help of Paulo de Veyra, a local nurse, the mission clinic continued.  Patients identified for surgery were called up and assisted at the local hospitals.  

On April 2, 2014, three volunteers from Switzerland came to help: Judith Kathriner, Claudia Schuwey and Katharina Schneeberger.   They immediately worked on organizing the pharmacy.   They cleaned, arranged and inventoried the medicines.  What a big improvement and a big help!  They had a shelf made to display medicines and they bought plastic boxes to replace the cartons that had been torn over the months.  They also translated the French labels into English.

Sorting... classifying...counting....  all the while enduring the heat. 
Looks more like a pharmacy now. 
Plastic boxes replaced the cartons for better storage and mobility.
Done!  More work, please!!!

Chapel Beautification 

Aside from teaching catechism to the children, they did their part in beautifying the chapel. 

  They framed and posted pictures of the Stations of the Cross.

Katharina also repaired the statues of Our Lady and the Blessed St.Joseph. She replaced broken fingers and applied new paint.

The Holy Family Chapel of Tacloban City
A visit to Calvary Hill of Tacloban...