Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 December: Tacloban Mission Preparation

Christmas in Tacloban!
At the City Hall ... while darkness still reigns over the city
You know you've been too long in Tacloban when you feel your heart jumping with pure joy on seeing the light turn on and you read a simple advertisement of the photocopying shop!  You never know you love electricity until you lose it for more than a month... 
Yolanda Effect:  You cheer so very gladly when you see a restaurant light up and begin serving food!  Oh, for a bite of clean, hot food...  (Note:  When this picture was taken, this was the only restaurant that felt safe enough from the smelly streets of Tacloban). 
Fr. Hattrup greets the children after Holy Mass in Tacloban.
Silent night, holy night....
Good tidings of comfort and joy!
Gathered before the humble tent, survivors wait for Holy Mass to start.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 November

Supertyphoon Yolanda hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013.
Responding to the critical needs of the victims in Tacloban, we collected relief items and started the preparations for a medical mission.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

2013 May - October

Thanks be to God and to the donor, we finally began the construction of the ACIM-Asia office together with the chapel of St. James in a donated lot in General Santos City.  Our lease on the old office ended, so we relocated our mission office near the construction site.

Our new mission address is now in Andrade Subdivision, Barangay San Isidro, General Santos City.  But for the patient's sake (accessibility), we receive our patients in St. James Chapel in Tiongson St., Lagao.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter!

Jésus ressuscité
Seek Him not among the dead: He is risen 
as He said... Alleluia! 

There were three baptisms on Easter Eve.
A 16 year old patient received her first Communion.


In the tender compassion of our God
 the Dawn from on high shall break upon us
 to shine on those who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death 
and to guide our feet into the way of peace....  

Thank you for your prayers and continued support to the mission!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Surgery on Good Friday

We had been waiting for the right time for the final surgery that would remove the mass from Jane's face. The neurosurgeon in Davao who first operated on her advised us to wait, saying the time has not yet come.  

On March 20, 2013, we visited her because she had been complaining of headache and had developed fever.  We brought her to a local neurosurgeon who said she needed surgery because the CT scan suggested that there might be something wrong with the VP shunt.  The neurosurgeon said he would also like to remove the mass on her face.  The plan was that she would be discharged from the hospital with a replaced shunt and without the facial mass.  We asked Jane to pray for the success of her surgery and for the conversion of sinners.  The preoperative x-ray showed pneumonia so she had to be treated first before being cleared for surgery.  On Good Friday, she was brought to the operating table for the replacement of her shunt.  The neurosurgeon could not completely remove the old shunt so he simply cut it and scheduled Jane for another surgery.

On the eve of Easter, she was wheeled back to the operating room.  An abdominal incision was done to remove the other part of the shunt that had migrated through her peritoneum and attached to her intestine.  Her peritoneum had to be cleaned and repaired.

Since her birth 4 years ago, she had already gone through 4 major surgeries.  Yet the mass on her face remains.  Her new neurosurgeon would like her to recover first from her recent surgeries before operating on her face.  She is usually a cheerful girl but this time she barely smiles.  She is still in pain.  We hope to see her smile again soon.  May her little sacrifices be acceptable to God.  Please help us pray for her intention.

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 20-23: Medical Mission in Palawan

 Upon the request of the Philippine Marines, we conducted medical missions in two different remote areas in Palawan.  


 Our team was composed of Fr. Onoda, Sheryl Ocampo, Marie Dewynter, Marie Helene Fontaine, and Eleni Felinska. We arrived in Palawan on March 20 and did the finalized the organization of the mission. We conducted the first medical mission on March 21 in New Camaray, Roxas, where the people were very poor and lived in difficult conditions, and were thereby easily lured into joining the New People's Army, a communist rebel group that works to destabilize the government and promote communist ideology.  We were able to serve 481 patients.  

Around forty people attended the Holy Mass, and 10 received Holy Communion.  Rosaries, scapulars, and miraculous medals were distributed.

 We went to Teneguiban in El Nido on March 22.  We were able to serve 472 patients that day.  

  The people appreciated the mission.  
Fr. Onoda was touched.  He says that if there will be another occasion, he would like to continue to respond positively to the request from the Philippine Marines.  

On March 23, we packed the remaining medicines and supplies and went swimming.  Who could resist the wonderful beach?

The military command that invited us to come to Palawan is the same group that Fr. Onoda visited in Sulu.  They had been reassigned to Palawan where they saw the health needs of the natives and asked Fr. Onoda for medical assistance.  When the military sent their request for a medical mission, they simply said it would be for the poor natives in the area.  Without knowing exactly where in Palawan the mission would be, Fr. Onoda granted the request.  How greatly and happily surprised he was to discover that the mission would find him in El Nido!  
A simple act of charity has brought us to a little paradise.  How wonderful!  Deo gratias!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Feb 25 - Mar 1, 2013: Iloilo Mission

A million thanks to everyone 
who supported the RMHM 2013 in Iloilo!
We would like to thank all you wonderful people 
who made the 2013 Rosa Mystica Health Mission a success:

  • All the volunteers who came from France, USA, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia, and various parts of the Philippines to help, paying their fare to and from the mission.
  • All the donors who gave medicines, medical supplies, food, rosaries, holy pictures, scapulars, prayer guides, and cash to pay for the medicines and different supplies needed for the mission.
  • The generous people who opened their homes to give free lodging to some volunteers.
  • The government officials and rural health unit staff of the municipality of Sta. Barbara who gave active support towards the organization and the delivery of the mission.
  • All who prayed for the intention of the mission.
  • All the SSPX priests, brothers, and oblates, and those in their care, who provided solid moral support to the mission.
  • All anonymous helpers, human and spiritual, who worked behind the scenes silently and invisibly.  
Dr Jean Pierre Dickes of France

Mdm Bernadette Dickes of France

Dr Gilbert Dichard of France

Mdm Danielle Dichard of France

Mr Hubert Terninck of France
Dr Anne Jochaud du Plessix of France   

Dr Emely Lagare of General Santos City

Dr Ma June Viray of Iloilo

Dra Elizabeth Phalen of USA

Dra Elaine Araneta of Manila

Delphine Grouhel of France

Dr Lee Versoza of Manila

Magali Burguburu of France

Brigitte Coulange of France

Adeline Puts of France


Marie Liesse Tilloy of France

Christina Meinholz of USA

Melinda Khor of Malaysia

Rev Fr Francois Castel of France

Melanie LeBlanc of USA

Marie Helene Fontaine of France

Brigitte Pecot of France

Fr Coenradd Daniels and Brothers of St Bernard Novitiate

Caroline Vergez of France

Sophie Challan Belval of France

Eleni Felinska of Poland/Germany

Soline Riquet of France

Dr Zoe Sucaldito of Iloilo, Phil