Friday, May 2, 2014

Swiss volunteers help out

With the help of Paulo de Veyra, a local nurse, the mission clinic continued.  Patients identified for surgery were called up and assisted at the local hospitals.  

On April 2, 2014, three volunteers from Switzerland came to help: Judith Kathriner, Claudia Schuwey and Katharina Schneeberger.   They immediately worked on organizing the pharmacy.   They cleaned, arranged and inventoried the medicines.  What a big improvement and a big help!  They had a shelf made to display medicines and they bought plastic boxes to replace the cartons that had been torn over the months.  They also translated the French labels into English.

Sorting... classifying...counting....  all the while enduring the heat. 
Looks more like a pharmacy now. 
Plastic boxes replaced the cartons for better storage and mobility.
Done!  More work, please!!!

Chapel Beautification 

Aside from teaching catechism to the children, they did their part in beautifying the chapel. 

  They framed and posted pictures of the Stations of the Cross.

Katharina also repaired the statues of Our Lady and the Blessed St.Joseph. She replaced broken fingers and applied new paint.

The Holy Family Chapel of Tacloban City
A visit to Calvary Hill of Tacloban...

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