Sunday, May 10, 2009

Straight from the hearts

I am so thankful to the mission for helping me. Here is P50.00, sorry it is a little amount, but I would like to be of help to others too. (This surprise donation will be used to buy 3 tablets of Thorazine for wait-listed patient). May I have your number, Mam?
- Josephine, May 11, 2009 (2007 mission patient)

I just drop by to say hello and thank you for your kindness to us. I am on the way to a picnic. I and my son are all right... I offer 1 Rosary for the benefactors of the mission.
- Jerome, 23 yrs old, May 10, 2009
husband of mission patient (died November 2008 after
Extreme Unction administered by Rev. Fr. Dolotina)
/ learned basic prayers at the mission

Good morning mam, I'm here again to thank you and to ask if you can help us again? My daughter already improved since my last visit here (a year ago) and I asked my friend to visit you here to relay my sincere thanks. Unfortunately, my daughter has been acting up again and I don't know where else to turn for help...... it is okay if you cannot help us now, may we just wait for the time when help is available? Meantime, I will pray hard for all the donors and benefactors, and will bear all that God sends us. My husband died already last December, Mam, but he died in peace, thanking God for letting him suffer lung cancer.... Mam, thank you so much for this pineapple (picked from the office garden).
- Fanny, mother of schizophrenic patient
May 9, 2009

Good day! I am heartily thankful to all the sponsors and benefactors, especially ACIM-ASIA, who helped my son (boy with imperforate anus and Hirchsprung's disease). I hope you would not change especially in your concern towards the sick people who can't afford their medication. I pray that ACIM-Asia will be able to help more sick and needy people. I thank God for touching your hearts and I pray that God will supply all your needs. I pray that God will bless all the benefactors spiritually, physically and financially.
- Ginalyn, April 29, 2009.
Spiritual bouquet offered for mission benefactors
after the funeral of her husband, praying that the mission will
not forget her son who still needs two more surgeries (at death of husband, sent a message saying, "Mam, my husband died yesterday, I am in my mother's house if you can visit us. He is dead before Ian can complete his surgeries. I hope you will not forget us Mam." She and her husband spent about P70,000.00 for the 2nd surgery of Ian, the mission augmented only P7,000.00. Ian still needs 2 surgeries to resect the bowels and, when successful, to close the colostomy.)

Mam, I'm here again to beg for help. My husband already died last Friday, I called for a priest as you instructed me, but there was no priest available, mam. My son prayed the rosary at my husband's deathbed. He was sorry for his sins. He will be buried tomorrow, because we cannot afford to have a long wake. Mam, can you help me buy a marker for his grave? If there is no marker, others will steal the grave to bury their own dead there.... And Mam, if you can also please help me buy this medicine for my other son? Maybe he is affected by his father's death, he is violent again, and we are finding it hard to control him (case: schizophrenia).... I understand that you cannot help us mam, thank you for being kind, I will just keep praying. Please visit us when you can.
- Flora, mission patient (wife and mother of mission patients)
May 5, 2009

Hello, thank you for your help! My father is now out of the hospital, and is recuperating at home. I am here to return the 2 excess injectable medicines you gave for his illness so that other patients can use them. May the donors be blessed. I pray 1 Hail Mary for them.
- Jorrelyn, daughter of mission patient , May 6, 2009
(still learning the basic prayers)

G'pm... a patient is in the hospital and needs help to pay the bills so that they can go home soon and avoid piling up more bills everyday that they are in the hospital. Do you know someone who is willing to buy Augmentin 1.2 gm vial and Rocephin 1 g vial? I have some stocks here that I can sell so that the patient can pay the bill... Thank you and God bless the mission.
- Dr. RC, mission partner, May 7, 2009

May the kind benefactors never tire of giving help to the poor and sick like me and others who are in worse conditions than mine. And may they be given strength, good health, and graces because without them, who would help us who are suffering in illness? May they never stop caring. I offer 3 Rosaries for them.
- Aldy, 19 yrs old, osteomyelitis patient
(learned to pray the Rosary at the mission,
now teaches his younger brothers and their little friends the
Ten Commandments and the 7 Sacraments)

I am thankful to the ones who are giving these medicines for my father. I pray 3 Hail Mary's for them. - Florita, daughter of patient with heart and kidney ailments
(learned the basic prayers at the mission).

Our family wishes to thank the good sponsors whose generous support has helped us in our needs. We offer the following spiritual bouquet: Daily morning and evening prayers of the whole family, plus:
50 Rosaries, 30 ejaculatory prayers, 2 Confessions, 5 Holy Masses
- Fe (mother)
70 Our Father's, 70 Hail Mary's, 70 Glory Be's, 80 ejaculatory prayers,
8 Holy Masses - Gabriel (father)
50 Rosaries, 5 Confessions, Daily study of catechism, 5 Holy Masses
- Liziel, 14 yrs old, surgical patient
(family learned the basic prayers at the mission, now they are the organizers of catechism classes in their neighborhood, handled by mission volunteers - Apostles of Mary)

I offer 50 Rosaries, daily morning and evening prayers for the benefactors of the mission. Thank you very much for your support to the mission. May God always protect you.
- Alex, 19 yrs old, son and grandson of mission patients
(learned basic prayers at the Apostles of Mary trainings)

I offer 10 Rosaries, 10 Holy Hour vigils before the Blessed Sacrament, 50 Hail Mary's and 50 Our Fathers for the benefactors of the mission.
- Gabriel, 10 yrs old, grand nephew of mission patient
(learned basic prayers at the Apostles of Mary trainings)

I pray for the intentions of the benefactors of the mission: 10 Holy Hour vigils before the Blessed Sacrament, 10 Stations of the Cross, 50 Holy Rosaries... Bonjour dear benefactors! Thank you for supporting the mission. I hope you will have more blessings to come. God bless you!
- Patrick, 20 yrs old, mission volunteer (driver)
(learned basic catechism / prayers at Apostles of Mary trainings,
baptized Easter Eve 2007 at SSPX Mission chapel)

I thank the benefactors for the mission. I will pray daily for them for 1 month: 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Mary's and 1 Glory Be.
- Wilmar, 26 yrs old, mission volunteer (night guard)
(learned basic catechism/ prayers at Apostles of Mary trainings)

For the generous people who give rosaries and medicines for the mission, I offer 10 spiritual communions , 5 sacramental communions, 10 Holy Rosaries, 5 Stations of the Cross, 10 visits to the Blessed Sacrament, 5 Holy Hour vigils. May God bless them. - Ma. Caridad, 24 yrs old, mission volunteer (driver - messenger)

We thank God for people who care. I offer 50 Holy Rosaries, 5 Holy hour vigils, 20 visits to the Blessed Sacrament, 20 ejaculatory prayers, 5 Holy Communions for them.
- Judith, 25 years old, mission volunteer (assistant secretary)

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