Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Letters for Lenten Reflections


"Thank you for giving us hope [and] I'm praying that when there's a good samaritan knock[ing] at your door, [may you] please remember my husband. Thank you so much. Good night...
(from the wife of a patient with renal failure, March 24, 2009, General Santos City).


PLEA from an anxious grandmother:

.... I am a grandmother of these following children: JGS, 9 y.o. [... with] acute glomerulo nephritis. I am worried because the parents and we, grandparents, do not have enough income [for] her many medicines. I hope you can help her in one way or another. She is in [Benguet]. My other grandchild is JMG, 4 y.o. She has weak lungs [read as: pulmonary tuberculosis]. This child is in [...] La Union. I hope and pray that you can help these children. I am very much in anxieties. Thank you for your concern. Pray much for us. [...] I am 63 y.o. and I have [difficulties with my bowel movement]... Could you help me too? Thank you.

(Letter from Luzon, received March 2009)

May our Lenten fasts bring joy to the sick poor.

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