Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 24, 2011: The Peace Mission

Today we commenced the 4-day medical-dental-surgical mission in Sarangani Province, in cooperation with the 73rd Infantry Battalion of Philippine Army, US Army Civil Affairs Team 734 and other teams from US Army Joint Special Operations Task Force Mindanao and the US Civil Affairs Team Philippines led by Lt. Col Edmund Oliveros.

The US Civil Affairs team came straight from Zamboanga and docked in Sarangani coast to lend their hands to the 4-day activity envisioned to promote sustainable peace and development in the area.

This day we were in Tinoto Elementary School along Sarangani Bay in Maasim town, about 40 minutes drive from General Santos City.

The spirit to serve was high. We were able to attend to 431 medical, 152 for dental patients, 40 circumcision patients and 2 cyst-removal patients. 

ACIM Asia was represented by 7 volunteers; namely: Dr. Emely Lagare 2 Filipino Nurses, 2 French, 1 Swiss and 1 Filipino Auxiliary who were appropriately stattioned in the medical area, pharmacy, and vital signs assessment area.  

The activity was supported by the Provincial Vice Governor's Office; the Provincial Health Office; and Pacquiao Foundation, which augmented the medicine supplies.

 The Head of Division of the Philippine Army was there, together with the Head of the US Army Joint Special Task Force for Mindanao, Major Philippe Brown, who personally expressed his appreciation for the support that ACIM Asia had been giving to the MEDCAP, and he verbalized that he was glad to work side by side with the ACIM-Asia volunteers.

It is our honor to be able to contribute to peace-building in Mindanao.  It would be our joy to eventually help the war-torn communities to reach out to the loving and peaceful God.  Peace, brothers... May the peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all! 

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