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2015 February: Rosa Mystica Health Mission in Tacloban

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The mission was held at the Tacloban City Convention Center, popularly known as the Astrodome.   The office of the City Mayor generously waived the rental fee and allowed us access to electricity. 

Three thousand, nine hundred and thirty two patients were served in various departments within eight days of mission work.  Because of the free laboratory and diagnostic tests and free surgery (as needed), very many patients lined up but we had to turn down many of them because we could not serve everybody.  

Medical Services
There were three doctors at the pediatric section:  Dr. Emely Lagare from General Santos City, Dr. Loan Phan from the United States of America, and Dr. Ma. June Viray from Iloilo City.  Each of these doctor had an assistant who also served as interpreter.   

The pediatric pharmacy served by French volunteers and two interpreters.
The pediatric pharmacy was manned by 
Magali Burguburu, HR Manager from France
Ombelline Burguburu, Nurse from France
Claire Garnaud, Nurse from France
Anne Maelle Bouillaud, Teacher from France
Caroline Vergez, Nurse from France
and interpreters:  Floralyn Ghela, Rostillen Callo, Rosmar Ordovas, Ralph Brieva, Rose Ann Magcuro

At the Adult Section, there were three general practitioners:
Dr. Maire Nesta Nic Gerhailt from Ireland, assisted by Ronielyn Lagdamen from Tacloban
Dr. Patrick della Bianca from Switzerland, assisted by Sheryll Castor from Quezon City and Joward Ibuyat from Quezon City
Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickes from France, who came with two French physician assistants Dr. Roxane Losco and Dr. Nancy Steinfeld
Paulo Niccolo de Veyra - Nurse from Taclobn and Sunshine Isla - Nurse from Manila - acted as interpreters for Dr. Dickes

A neurologist:  Dr. Didier Genoud from Switzerland, assisted by

A dermatologist:  Dr. Rob Casquejo from the United States of America, assisted by Elizabeth Lopez - Nurse from the USA and Marguerite Pardoe - Nurse from France

An ophthalmologist:  Dr. Elaine Baens Araneta from Manila, assisted by 

An orthopedic surgeon from the Philippine Army came to lend a hand at the last day of the extension clinic.

At the Dental section:  Dr. Nelda Nisperos.  
She was assisted by a dentist from the Philippine Army for a short while.

          Dr. Nelda Nisperos at the Dental Section. 

The adult pharmacy behind the mission altar.
Faithfully serving the adult pharmacy were
Brigitte Coulange, a Doctor of Pharmacy from France
and her assistants:
Bernadette Dickes, Nurse-Midwife from France
Romaine della Bianca, a Nurse from Switzerland
Sophie Challan-Belval, a Secretary from France
Melinda Khor, a Businesswoman from Malaysia
and two Filipino interpreters from the Philippine Army

Spiritual Dimension

The foreign volunteers were exemplary in their patience and endurance.  First, food was exotic.  And many suffered abdominal problems due to the food.  Also, there was a problem with the toilets, although the condition was much better than the previous year.  The toilets at the basement of the Astrodome were already accessible, so the primitive portalets were thankfully rendered unnecessary.  However, there was a problem with the water supply.  There were plastic drums with stagnant water that was used to flush the toilets but there was no water for hand washing.  Bottles of alcohol placed in the lavatories for hand sanitation had a magical way of disappearing.  And the person in charge of monitoring the sanitation of the toilets often got sidetracked with other tasks.  

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