Thursday, April 23, 2015

2014 December

A Supertyphoon Barraged Towards Samar and Leyte Again!
It was with heightened alert that the patients and mission staff prepared to meet Typhoon Ruby.  An evacuation center was organized in Southern Leyte and the patients and faithful living along the coastline were evacuated.  Rosary vigils were conducted in various mission areas across the country to ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to beg for the mercy of God.   After anxious prayers and waiting, cold wind from Siberia interacted with the brewing storm and reduced its intensity.  Still, it wreaked havoc everywhere it passed.  Many towns in Samar were battered.  

Dr. Maire Nesta conducted a medical mission in Southern Leyte while the preparations for the evacuation was under way.

Thanksgiving Procession
December 8:  Patients and faithful in Tacloban, Southern Leyte and Genenral Santos City organized thanksgiving processions in honor of the Immaculate Conception.  Free food was made available to the evacuees.

Ocular Visit to Typhoon-Ravaged Areas
Immediately after the typhoon, ocular visit was conducted to check the conditions of the various mission patients in Leyte and Samar.  Thanks be to God, everybody was safe, poorer than ever, but alive and happy.  So it was determined that they needed only food assistance.  Relief donations coming would therefore be given to directly hit areas in Eastern Samar.  The area was rebel-infested so it was necessary to proceed with caution to ensure the safety of the mission team in delivering relief goods.  Coordination with the military was slow because they had to prioritize the government efforts in clearing the devastated areas and repairing roads and bridges. Due to the long delay, the relief mission was scheduled on January.  

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