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2014 October

First Mission Visit of the New District Superior, Fr. Karl Stehlin

Rev. Fr. Karl Stehlin came to Gensan and met the mission staff.  He asked for regular reports and expressed his support for the apostolate. He also catechism children and the Eucharistic Crusaders and First Communion to 5 children.

The children wishing Fr. Stehlin a happy trip to Davao.

Arrival of Irish Volunteer Dr. Maire Nesta Nic Gerhailt in Tacloban
Dr. Maire Nesta Nic Gerhailt offered her free services for the victims of typhoon Haiyan.  With all patience and courage she set up her clinic in the hot closet that used to serve as the chapel sacristy.  She braved the frustrations of the primitive healthcare delivery system in the area:  poor sanitation, inadequate laboratory facilities and services, extreme shortage of expert physicians, shortage of medicines and medical supplies, language barrier, cultural differences... and a host of other difficulties that all on-site volunteers face.  

Two mission patients joined the mission team as volunteers in order to assist Dr. Maire.  Dr. Maire had 4 regular assistants:  one interpreter, one receptionist, and one field assistant - who would accompany patients to the hospitals and specialists, and one admininstrative staff to take care of the procurement of medicines and supplies and take charge of the finances.  


Referred to the mission by the non-government organization Action Contre la Faim (ACF) for medical assistance/
Village Catechism in Purok B'laan, Kawas, Sarangani Province
Daily visits were made to assist the patient to know God as her Creator and Judge and to prepare for a good death. During the daily catechism, her family and relatives were exhorted to assist her by their prayers. The earnest efforts to assist the patient to die in the grace of God moved her family, neighbors and friends to also attend catechism lessons.  In short time, they learned the basic prayers and the Commandments of God, and asked to be prepared for Baptism.

At her burial,a great number of them attended the Holy Mass respectfully.  They listened to the sermon of Fr. Hora and after the Mass they asked to be given a regular catechism schedule so that they could also receive the gift of Faith and salvation.  The ever-expanding mission field sends us on our knees to earnestly beg:  "Mitte Domine operarios in messem Tuam.  Messis quidem multa operarii autem pauci!"

First Communion
First Communion for mission contacts from various villages.

Procession in Honor of Christ the King
The faithful at Holy Family Chapel organized their first-ever procession in honor of Christ the King. Mission patients joined the procession and enjoyed the fiesta food and attended the catechism lesson.

Viva Cristo Rey!

In General Santos City, many patients also attended the procession and Mass in honor of Christ the King and enjoyed the party that the faithful organized in honor of Christ the King.

Demise of Jane Paglinawan
October 30:  Dear little Jane was promounced dead at St. Elizabeth Hospital.  She died amid the anxious prayers of her family.  She was admitted to the hospital on October 27 due to vomiting and abdominal pain.  She had survived more difficult times and emergency surgeries.  Her death came so suddenly, when it was least expected.  At her wake, regular catechism was conducted for her neighbors, relatives and friends to exhort them also to prepare for their own death.

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