Sunday, December 11, 2011

Please help me....

Please help me.
I heard that you take pity on poor people who are sick.  May I ask for whatever help you can please extend to my children, especially my fourth son?  He has mitral valve dysplasia.  He is complaining of difficult and painful breathing.  I know that someday I will have to let him go, but while he is alive and under my care, I would like to be able to find help for him.  I applied for free heart surgery for him through a surgical mission, but they require a 2-D echo for which I could not pay.  Can you please help me?
My first son has degenerative disease of the eyes and two ophthalmologists already warned that he will lose his sight around 21 years old. He is 19 years old now.  His vision is blurred and he is depressed because he cannot help me earn income for the family. My second son has hyperthyroidism and rheumatic heart disease.  My third son has true hermaphroditism and also rheumatic heart disease.  My fifth child, my only daughter, has a very rapid heartbeat, for which I have not yet sought medical diagnosis because I could not afford a diagnostic test for her. 
I am a food vendor, a single parent.  I can provide food and shelter for my children, but I can barely pay for their medical care.  Please help me.

A kind nurse informed me that your office helps sick children.  My child is two years old and he has acute leukemia.  He is currently on the first phase of treament.  The doctor advised me that he will need P227,278.00 for three years of treatment.  I have already spent P21,850 .00,  but I am finding it difficult to raise the total amount needed because I am an ordinary technician in a fishing company.   Can you help us, please?

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