Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rosa Mystica Health Mission 2007

August 12-17 / General Santos City. Medical, Dental, and Nursing Mission in Dadiangas South Elementary School, Lagao Central Elementary School, Jose Catolico Central Elementary School, and Andrade Subdivision, serving some 2,000 patients in actual consultations and some 150 patients through referral to local medical specialists, and 3 for surgical management following the mission.
The volunteers who served during the mission were:
From the USA: Dr. Elizabeth Phalen, Bridget McGinley RN, Susana Andrada RN, Anastasia Alexander, Mckenzie Lee Armstrong, and Mary McGinley
From France: Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickes, Claudie Debavelaere-pharmacist, Xavier Losco-medical student
From South Korea: Dr. Eun-Mi Kim and Bridget Choi
From the Manila, Philippines: Dr. Elaine Baens Araneta, Dr. Dexter Anthony Grino, Dr. Leonila Songco, Dr. Angeles Francisco, Babes Simon, Flormay Simon RN, Remy Quijano, Sally Sandiko, Andrew Principe, Alexis Sanchez and Jerwin Aguinaldo
From Iloilo, Philippines: Dr. Ma. June Viray, Thalia Viray
From Cebu: Ryan Rodriguez
From Cagayan de Oro, Philippines: Dr. Francisco Woo
From Koronadal City, Philippines: Dr. Ma. Angela Suelo
From General Santos City, Philippines: Dr. Orlando Cerezo, Dr. Durico, Dr. Emely Lagare, Dr. Crisanto Torrijos, Dr. Nisperos, Dr. Asesclo Madrid, Dr. Leonora Madrid
They were assisted by Army medics (2 Filipinos and 2 Americans) led by Dr. Brandon Fraser.
Local private medical specialists who agreed to attend for free the mission patients referred to their clinics were: Dr. Ceasar Anthony Yabut, Dr. Alice Adarna, Dr. David Cosip, Dr. Juanito Solamo, Dr. Fidel Penamante, and Dr. Rowena Coll Penamante.
Local organizations, associations, families and individuals that provided generous assistance were: Philip Teng, Victoria Go, Mt. Matutum Lions Club, Jollibee Foods Corp., Rommel dela Rosa, Armi Nabablit, Solrac Sevilla, Michael Binas, Junior Chamber International (Twinstar, Davao, and Manilena Chapters) , Engr. Manuel Fortunato Du Yaphockun and Family, Yap Mabuhay Enterprises, Dr. Antoniette Alzona, Bal Fauni, Rodrigo Salangsang, Richard Paparon, Abelardo Sosobrado and Family, ABS-CBN, Ini Vina Otani, Imi Rachel Solizar, Alyssa Ang and Family, Michael's Inn, Engr. Benito Raval and Family, Josie Reyes and Family, Brgy Captain Rolito Blando and Family, Brgy Captain Eduardo Yumang and Family, Brgy Captain Jorge Catapang, Twilight Flora Benzonan-Betonio and Family, Esther Rodulfa, Ma. Leah Sajelan-Berango, Philippine Nurses' Association, Helen Sestina and the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University Philippine Nursing Students Association led by Ser Rosenkranz Espartero and Jay Esgana, Katherine Rose Villa, Maela Babate, Shiela Lyn Recidoro, Ma. Lourdes Brotarlo, Nursing student volunteers from GS Doctors School of Nursing, Philippine National Police, Philippine Army, Office of the City Mayor, Office of the Vice Mayor, Grizelda Veneracion and H2Zero Purified Water System, Mr. Esbern So and KCC Grocery Store, Geraldine Anne Puray, and Family, Ailea Alejado Family, Kristeen Joy Demos and her team of student nurse volunteers, Joseph Hibanada and the Apostles of Mary Catholic Youth League of the Philippines, and Cecilia Jubelag and the Legion of Mary.
Medicines were transported free of charge by Philippine Airlines in generous support to the mission. Donors of the medicines and other supplies were: Lamoiyan Corporation (Hapee Toothpaste), Natrapharm, Glaxo-Smithkline, InteMed Ethicals, Green Cross, Pediatrica Inc.,Pascual Laboratories, GX International, JB Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Hizon Laboratories, Boehringer Ingelheim, Medichem Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Lloyd Laboratories, Roche Pharma, Euro Asia, Pharma Dynamics, Inc., JM Tolmann Laboratories, Inc., AD-Drugstel Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.
Two thousand pcs of Rosaries and scapulars were given free by Family Rosary Crusade, and thousand others given by Rosary Makers, and other generous individuals.
The Society of Saint Pius X District of Asia Mission provided the impetus by shouldering the major expenses of the mission, and coordinating the various aspects of the program.

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