Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 February

Follow up of patients after the big mission:

After most of the mission volunteers have gone home, we had a bit of rest and then prepared  patients who needed further diagnostic/laboratory tests and surgery returned to the mission chapel for their follow up care.

Virginie and Nolwenn are setting up the optical testing area
while Marie is reviewing the procedure for vision testing
Marie, the nurse, reviewing procedure for vision testing

Virginie, the accountant, prepares for a long day

Agnes, the pharmacist
Drug study...

Agnes, the pharmacist

Nolwenn, the nurse-midwife

Solemnidad Amolar, the social worker, 
interviewing a patient to assess her economic situation and community resources 
to determine the scope of the assistance needed.

preparing the patient's intake record for referral to the hospital social worker
to avail of maximum assistance on hospitalization
Annalie listing of patients with eye disease, cataract or pterygium
Yolly interviewing and classifying patients according to urgency

waiting patients
vision testing to find the eyeglasses that fit perfectly
Marco asking for a VP shunt to reduce headache due to building up of intracranial pressure
  Happy patient saying "Merci beaucoup!"
....à demain!

February 8-13 and February 15

A million thanks to all the generous volunteers for their sacrifices and dedication.  God bless you all!


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