Thursday, December 31, 2015

Merry Christmas and Thank You Very Much!

Dear Friends and Benefactors of Rosa Mystica Health Mission,

         A holy Christmas and a blessed new year to you all!  For your intentions we offered a 15-decade Rosary each morning for 9 days before Christmas.  May the good God bless you for all your kindness. Thank you very much for making the mission possible.  


Very respectfully and gratefully yours, 

Yolly and all the patients and staff
This is our simple Christmas crib.
The children patients gathered before the Holy Infant at midnight and offered their hearts in thanksgiving for all the graces they received from God through the mission.  They prayed for their benefactors and for their families.
This is Pascual, locally known as "Paul", very grateful to the generous hearts that helped him pay his hospital bill, making it possible for him to serve Holy Mass on Christmas Day.
During the first quarter of 2009, a distraught woman came to the mission to beg for blood for her daughter who was bleeding from dengue hemorrhagic fever.  After receiving help from the mission, she made it a habit to bring all her children to the mission chapel every Sunday, as much as she and her children could manage, walking 13 kilometers under the hot sun with 5 children, the youngest being only 4 years old then.  A few months later, she besought the mission in tears to help her seven-year old daughter who was hit by a motorcyclist who ran away just after dropping them at the public hospital.  Her children started receiving the Sacraments the following year. Two years ago, she and her children transferred to a remote mountain village in Davao del Sur.  She got sick there where medical care was inaccessible but with her characteristic patience, she simply bore her illness silently.  This year, upon hearing of her plight, mission staff urged her relatives to bring her to Gensan where she could be given free medical care but she died before she could be transported.  On October, the mission found ways to bring all her children to Gensan to live with their poor grandmother, so that they could be nearer their godparents who can regularly check their catechism study and also monitor and provide for their material needs.  In the picture above, her children (first two taller girls standing at the left on the second row and the girl wearing a Rosary, standing at the right) are posing after their first performance as choir members for the Christmas Mass, together with three of their cousins. 

They wish to express their gratitude to all the mission volunteers and sponsors who had given them good memories over the years and who continue to provide for their needs after the loss of their mother.
Bernardo's mother, Michelle, is sending her heartfelt greetings to the mission donors for the food, transportation, medication and all kindness shown to them.  
Photo of Bernardo taken after his surgery.
Bernardo, prior to his surgery.

All thanks and praises be to God for the blessings and trials of the year 2015.
May all benefactors and patients be blessed.  

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