Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rev. Fr. Couture Visits Rosa Mystica Health Mission GSC Office

 June 16-17, 2012:  What a happy surprise!  
No less than the Asian District Superior came on the 5th Anniversary 
of the mission office in General Santos City! 
 O gee, and we did not even know he was coming!  And we did not prepare any program! O la la...

Father, you didn't hear me sing the Kyrie Eleison and the Soul of My Savior!  
When you come back, I will sing for you.

Thank you for the blessing, thank you for the medicines, thank you for the food, and thank you for the gifts!  We pray for you, Father.  God bless you!
Thank you for coming, Father!

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Vero said...

Oh my!!!!Jane growed up so so much!!Im so surprised!!!Ganda na ganda siya...and she seems so healthy!!!Wow!!salamat for the pictures!!