Thursday, October 27, 2011

Onward and Upward

September 3:
Happy Feast of St. Pius X!
Prayers were joyfully offered for the intentions of the SSPX Priests, whose constant support to the mission has made the mission go a long way.  

September 8:
Happy Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary!
On this special day, mission staff and volunteers offered fervent prayers for the mission benefactors and sponsors to the Patroness of the mission, the blessed Mother of God.  Noble Virgin, may our tribute win thy love and gain us grace.  Ora, ora pro nobis!

September 10:
Cemetery Visit and Catechism
Fr. Suelo, assisted by an ACIM staff, went to North Cemetery together with the family the patient with HIV infection, to bless his grave on the occasion of the 40th day of his death.  His family attended Holy Mass.  They had been coming to Our Lady of Victories Church to attend Holy Mass occasionally. After the blessing of the grave, the ACIM volunteer proceeded to the family residence to give catechism lessons to the family, relatives, and neighbors of the deceased who had gathered for the occasion.  The catechism lesson was lively because the listeners actively participated, raised questions and presented their arguments.  They asked for more lessons.

September 15, 2011:
RH and HR Conference
Three ACIM delegates attended the Reproductive Health Bill conference at the University of the Philippines and distributed pamphlets on the Catholic principle on Human Rights and Duties.  The conference featured Sen. Pia Cayetano and Sen. Miriam Santiago who were lobbying for the Reproductive Health as Human Rights.  The theme of the conference was:  “RH as HR”.  The conference venue was packed with about 280 pro-RH student leaders and representatives of government and non-government agencies.  The ACIM delegates deemed it impractical to participate in the open forum as the audience-speaker interaction indicated solidarity in the cause of RH Bill legislation.  ACIM delegates were able to distribute about 120 papers, nevertheless.  No positive reaction was perceived on the paper.  However, outside the conference venue, as ACIM delegates distributed papers upon their exit, one young man went after the team to inquire about the Catholic position on the RH Bill.  He introduced himself as the president of the student organization UP for Life and gave his contact number for future working alliance.

September 18:
Holy Mass in Fatima 39 Village
After Sunday Mass in St. James Chapel, Fr.T.Pfeiffer, assisted by Apostles of Mary and Legion of Mary went to Fatima 39 village to give catechism lessons and to offer Holy Mass.  Thirty children and eight adults attended the Holy Mass.  Fr. Pfeiffer organized games for the children.  Fr. Couture had already said Mass in this area during the mission in 2010.  Dr. Emeline de la Robertie had conducted a medical mission in the area on September 8, 2010.  The children of the village had been attending children’s camps conducted by the Apostles of Mary in the previous years.

September 25:
Fr. Laisney in Fatima 39 Village
After Sunday Mass in St. James Chapel, Fr. Francois Laisney, assisted by Apostles of Mary and Legion of Mary went to Fatima 39 Village to give catechism lesson.  More than fifty adult and children attended the lessons.  The AoM and the LoM served as interpreters.


A patient's mother came daily to the mission office for spiritual and psychological counseling.  Catechism lessons were given to help her find the answers to her confusions.  Twenty days of lessons led her to Confession after so many years of indifference and ignorance. 

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Vero said...

Wonderful work...It's so good if priests succeed in going to Fatima where there is so many children.