Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you for the Med Mission

June 8, 2011.  Medical-dental mission in Midconding, Maguindanao, in cooperation with the Philippine Army.

on the way to the mission area.

The registration and adult medical consultation tents.

registration and waiting area

Mission set up.  Judith and Maricar prepares for the mission with the help of the Army.

at the pharmacy area.

view from the pediatric consultation area.

The mayor of Salipada K. Pendatun town (center), discussing peace and order situation with the military during the medical mission.

Dental area in a bullet-ridden dilapidated building.  There had been armed conflict at the area 3 weeks ago.
the pediatric consultation area seen from outside.
pediatric patients inside the pedia area

Critical mission security.
despite the tension due to the recent armed conflict, the birds in the sky  celebrate the beauty of life.

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Vero said...

Oh good remembrances!God bless u for this mission!Was paul there?Ahahah