Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 August 14: Sumilang Mission

Before leaving for France, Dr. Gilbert Dichard wanted to come back to Rizal Province to extend his medical services so the team decided to serve the sick residents in Sumilang, Rizal Province, in the relocation area of families whose homes were totally destroyed by Typhoon Frank (local name:" Ondoy") that hit the country in 2009. These families came from all over Metro Manila and Rizal Province. They lost their homes and their means of livelihood to the flood. Having been brutally displaced, they needed help to start anew, to build new homes, to adjust to a new neighborhood, to start a new trade, to forget their old lifestyle and begin a new life. They still live in tents in a congested place and all share common portable toilets. Fortunately for them, they have not lost hope in the goodness of Divine Providence and in the kindness of their fellow human beings.

The most common ailments treated during the mission were skin diseases and respiratory diseases.  There were 85 patients served that day:  53 babies and children and 32 adults. 

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